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The git himself

I'm Neil Carter, computer graphics bod, designer and university lecturer by day, aspiring cartoonist and Mac hacker by night!

This is my little showcase for the various things I work on in my free time. If you like comics or cartoons, I have a gallery of my work for you to peruse. If you have a Macintosh, you can try out some of the programs I've written, particularly my games Yoink, Super Phoenix and Rescue. If you happen to like my stuff, or if you have constructive criticism, I'd love to hear what you think!



Click here to email me I check my email most days, so I should be able to reply fairly quickly. Don't be shy, but please remember to be nice - I have a nasty bite!

Please ask before sending me large files or anything unusual.


Copyright and linking

All material and concepts contained on this site are the copyright property of Neil Carter unless otherwise stated. Please respect this and do not reuse any of my work in any form without my written permission.

Please feel free to link to any page on my site. However, I have disabled external links to images to prevent people from using my bandwidth. If you wish to display a copy of my images on your web page, please contact me to ask permission.