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Friends and Stuff

NCCG My business page, with a gallery of rendered 3D architectural visuals. I'm a bit slack at updating it! I really must put up some of my more recent work sometime.
Steampunk My friend Brian's page of 3D imagery and ranting. He now has a comic art gallery as well - take a look!
Poetry for Life My friend Stuart's page of poetry and Gong!
Mikko Tarmia Mikko is a very talented freelance composer who provided the music for my uDevGames 2004 entry, Rescue.
OneSadCookie One of my longest standing online friends, Keith Bauer. I produced the artwork for his game Outnumbered.
Graveck Interactive Jon Czeck, the latter half of Graveck, was responsible for the first game made with Unity to be released commercially (aside from the one made by the developers of Unity themselves). Impressive stuff!
Sacred Software Alex Diener has a selection of nifty games and programming tutorials to download, among other things.
Viking Dan Dan's all-meat diet probably is the cause of the large number of zombies and other brain-eating individuals in his games. Not to be confused with this guy.
Battery Acid Games Derek Arndt makes some great shareware (and free) games, imbued with a slightly dark sense of humour.
Araelium Group Seth Willits is on a mission to develop the Mac's best programmer's text editor. He also has a few games and other things on his old website.
DoG's Habitat Dömötör Gulyás' Trac repository has a selection of ongoing projects, some of which include source code.
Fax Anarchic programmer Ed Cant finds new and exciting ways to bend the computer to his will. In particular, check out AquaBreakout (which uses standard Apple buttons and scrollbars as game elements) and N0x35C49E (which implements a fast moving scrolling shooter in OpenGL-accelerated ASCII characters).
UnifyCommunity Run by community-spirited Jeff McArthur, this site provides support for Unity developers.
AMD Not the processor manufacturer, but a design company I work for. I designed their web page, as well as having had a hand in many of their projects.

Online Comics

These are the some of the online strips that I never miss! As well as being funny, they're also often a source of inspiration for my own drawings.
Scary Go Round

A pleasingly British comic following the misadventures of a group of friends as they tangle with supernatural elements in rural Tackleford.

Zebra Girl

The story of a girl who is accidentally turned into a bizarre stripey demon by her stupid friends. Alternately very silly and quite deeply metaphysical, not to mention brilliantly well drawn!


Animals, stuffed toys and robots misbehave while nobody's watching. Extremely subversive, original and disturbingly funny. For mature readers.

Our Home Planet

Sexy aliens bring chaos into the lives of a pair of flatmates after they accidentally marry them. The artwork is lovingly hand drawn one pixel at a time!

Note that this strip is slightly adult in nature (especially in the gallery), so think before you click.


In a similar vein to Our Home Planet, a trio of sexy aliens and their horde of killer robots set out to invade the earth. Only Ingrid Katz can stop them, with the aid of her... electric guitar?

Once again, be aware that there is some adult artwork in the gallery.


Throughout history, incarnations of the seven deadly sins are summoned to aid or harrass an unwitting host. Surprisingly, this is a comedy, with a lot of unusual ideas and many curious characters. The artwork could be described as 'flat', but I find it quite expressive and effective.


Macintosh Stuff

Apple Included only for maximum linkage.
iDevGames News, forums and resources for Macintosh games programmers. Mostly harmless.
Unity An excellent, visually oriented game development application for the Mac, and my current tool of choice.
Form•Z My preferred 3D modelling application for architectural visuals. Tricky and technical, but very powerful and accurate.
Cheetah3D A great little 3D modeller with built-in animation and UV mapping features. It also integrates very nicely with Unity.
TextMate My favourite text editor at the moment. Its best feature is that it's easy to adapt it to support any programming language you like in any way you want.


BlamBot Nearly excellent free Mac and PC fonts for comic lettering. If only they had more punctuation and special symbols....
Kibo Home of Usenet's most famous denizen, James 'Kibo' Parry. Kibo likes to stomp on mad scientists and eats unpalatable food so that you don't have to. For best effect, read all of his 'raw data' files in a row so you end up writing the same way he does.